Identity Thief Ditto

Intro: Imagine yourself in a seemingly hopeless sweep where your opponent has somehow managed to power up one of his Pokemon with an insane amount of stat bonuses. It’s too fast to haze or whirlwind out, none of your Pokemon have Red-tag on them, and you can only sit there and stare in horror as your Party gets one-shotted one after another. If only you had some way to change the tide and flip their speedy steroid packing sweeper around on them…. oh wait! Wynaut just copy them?¬†They say imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery so let’s show your opponent exactly how much you enjoyed their attempt at sweeping your team under the rug. ūüėÄ



Basic Build:¬†The basic idea here is simple. Opponent has a stat boosted Pokemon. You send out Ditto who auto-transforms upon it’s release from the Pokeball thanks to it’s Imposter ability, then you attack your opponent first using your Choice Scarf and move on to destroy the rest of their team. Granted your speed might tie if your opponent is also using a Choice Scarf, but it isn’t a common practice when using a stat booster sweeper (unless maybe Baton Pass was involved).

Ditto @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Imposter
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SDef /
Serious Nature
– Transform

Breeding Instructions:¬†The tricky part about breeding this is that you’ve got to find a Ditto directly from the dreamworld to get the Impostor ability. EV-training instructions can be found here: ¬†

Summary:¬†This Ditto is pretty much a staple in each of my Pokemon teams. The only issues I have using it is the occasional having to switch out due to useless locked moves (such as Earthquake when your opponent switches to Flying) (but of course¬†this is easily¬†remedied¬†by switching to a different Pokemon – usually a nice wall or cleric) and the little detail where Ditto’s copied moves are set to 5 PP each (meaning after your 5th attack you’ll have to switch unless you wanna start struggling). Healers/Clerics will help keep Ditto strong for multiple transformations. I once beat a trainer using their exact Pokemon Team via my Imposter Ditto and a crap ton of wishes Umbreon. Overall tho it’s a great way to counter stat-based sweeps and steal the otherwise guaranteed victory from your¬†opponent and is definitely a build I will use for many battles to come.¬†