Pseudo RNG Abuse for Egg Breeding in Pokémon XY

Apparently some Japanese players discovered that the IVs of the egg in the breeding center are determined BEFORE the parents are even deposited in the Day-Care. Sounds pretty crazy, but it seems to work! (This would explain some of the glitches I was having during my egg breeding).

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Breeding Strong XY Pokemon


Want to breed the STRONGEST Pokemon for Generation 6? Here’s everything you’ll need to know!

With Pokemon XY alot of new changes came into play, but for many of us Pokemon Breeders there’s a couple of awesome things that happened that not everyone is mentioning. Here’s the recap!

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Online Kalos Region Pokedex

new_pokedexLooking for Pokemon XY help? We’ve compiled a pretty nice Pokedex to help ya out. It’s still a work in progress but it goes over a good amount of movepools, typings, abilities, and more for these Generation 6 Pokemon! Check it out exclusively at Hohou’s Home!

Hohou’s Home Kalos-dex: Click Here

For full XY Pokemon List: Click Here