Pseudo RNG Abuse for Egg Breeding in Pokémon XY

Apparently some Japanese players discovered that the IVs of the egg in the breeding center are determined BEFORE the parents are even deposited in the Day-Care. Sounds pretty crazy, but it seems to work! (This would explain some of the glitches I was having during my egg breeding).

The Basic Process of this Technique

  1. Put your Test Parents in the Day-Care. One of them must hold Destiny Knot.
  2. Ride your bike outside the Day-Care until Day-Care Man gets an Egg for you (he’ll be facing down, towards the road).
  3. Take and hatch the Egg.
  4. Go to the Battle Institute (Lumiose city, Northern Boulevard) and take a test. Don’t worry, you don’t have to save your game.
  5. Go to your hatched Pokémon’s Summary and calculate its IVs.
  6. Write down which IVs have been inherited and from which parent.
  7. For future reference, you might want to write down the stats of the hatched Pokémon to save time when RNGing next time.
  8. If you’re satisfied with the inheritance spread you’ve obtained, reset the game and swap the Test Parents with another couple that has perfect IVs matching your inheritance spread (use Everstone to ensure you get the right nature). Hatch the egg and congratulations! You’ve just successfully RNGed a Pokémon in X/Y!
  9. If you didn’t get desired spread, reset your game, repeat Step 2 but instead of getting the Egg from the Day-Care Man, reject it and save the game. Repeat Steps 3-7. In case you didn’t get desired Ability with your final parents, you need to repeat the process.

ProfOakRead the full article from Nugget bridge 

After you’ve got the IVs setup, you’ll need a decent moveset and a good EV setup. Check out: to find them!


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