Mawile – Beauty That Bites

Beauty That Bites: A good Physical Sweeper is hard to find however with Generation 6 alot of Pokemon had the spotlight shone upon them once more! Despite having it’s head and hair confused for nearly every game, Mawile has always been a very pretty Pokemon to look at. Considering it’s new megaform in Pokemon XY, this seems like the perfect new addition to almost any team!MawileLink:

Basic Build: Mawile is a amazing Physical Sweeper. The equipped Life Orb should help Mawile to do 30% more damage but it will take 10% of it’s max HP as damage each time it attacks (which for Mawile should be about 21-24 damage at level 100 in this build). Mawile’s Sheer Force trait factors in quite nicely. Althought the Megastone will be an even greater item in my opinion – otherwise this build is perfect for previous generations.

Mawile (F) @ Life Orb
Trait: Sheer Force
EVs: 28 HP / 252 Atk / 228 Spd /
Jolly Nature (+Spd , -SAtk)
– Swords Dance
– Iron Head
– Sucker Punch
– Ice Punch

Breeding Instructions:
Basic Pokemon breeder knowledge should be enough to make this Mawile. Mawile belongs in the Field and Fairy egg groups. Check the link for full instructions.

Summary: This build was designed quite nicely. Thanks Triforce for submitting this great build.

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