Breeding Strong XY Pokemon


Want to breed the STRONGEST Pokemon for Generation 6? Here’s everything you’ll need to know!

With Pokemon XY alot of new changes came into play, but for many of us Pokemon Breeders there’s a couple of awesome things that happened that not everyone is mentioning. Here’s the recap!

Friend Safari – This is the starting point for getting Pokemon with perfect IVs. Every Pokemon caught in the Friend Safari is guaranteed to have at least 2 stats with 31 IVs. In order to start breeding, you need to find Pokemon in the Friend Safari that can breed with the Pokemon you are looking to make. Catch some Male parents from the same egg group as the Pokemon you are breeding with different 31 IVs to pass down to your baby, grab a female of the species you want with the ability you want to pass down, or if you’re lucky enough to be able to find them in your Safari, catch some Dittos so you can pass down IVs to anything.

Synchronizers – Pokemon with the ability Synchronize are extremely useful for getting the Natures that you want. If a Pokemon with Synchronize is the first Pokemon in your party (fainted or not), there is a higher chance of the opposing wild Pokemon having the same Nature. This allows you to catch parents with the aforementioned 2 31 IVs and with the right Nature to pass down to your offspring.

Everstone (Geosange Town) –  Everstone is important for maintaining the Nature of the Pokemon you are trying to breed. The parent holding the Everstone is guaranteed to pass down its Nature 100% of the time.

Destiny Knot (Cyllage City Hotel) – Destiny Knot is the most important item for breeding perfect Pokemon. Without Destiny Knot, offspring are limited to inheriting a maximum of 3 IVs from both of its parents. In Generation 6, Destiny Knot raises the limit to 5, allowing a Pokemon to inherit almost all of its IVs from its parents.

Power Items (Battle Maison) – While the Power Items (Weight, Bracer, Belt, Lens, Band, Anklet) are not necessary, they are useful items to have for the early stages of breeding. Attaching a Power Item to a parent guarantees that it will pass down the IV it has in that specific stat to the offspring. This is useful for preserving  harder to get IVs such as a 0 in Speed for a Trick Room Pokemon.

IV Judge (Kiloude City Pokemon Center) – The IV Judge will take a look at your Pokemon and tell you what stats they have 31 IVs in. If the judge says X stat can simply not be beat, then congratulations, you have a fully maxed out IV. On the flip side, if the judge makes a comment about how terrible the IV is, then congratulations, you have a 0 IV in that stat!

Flame Body – While a Pokemon with Flame Body is not required, it is extremely helpful for speeding up the process of hatching eggs. Carrying a Pokemon with Flame Body in your party allows you to hatch your eggs in half the time!

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