Pokemon Origins Review


So I just finished watching Pokemon Origins and I’ve got to say I loved it. I felt it was very short (only 4 episodes long) considering all the potential it has it (and since most animes have atleast 7-13 episodes…) but I was still quite happy. They skimmed through a good portion of the adventure but atleast they recapped it quite nicely (much like they did in Firered/Leafgreen with the journal). The whole point of this was to explain and grow interest in the First generation Pokemon. It was a good tie in for the anniversary allowing the kids who grew up in the Kanto Generation to enjoy some nostalgia while allowing the newer generation of trainers to discover Pokemon they may not have even knew existed or Pokemon thought to be nowhere near as “powerful” as today’s Pokemon. Basically increasing the appeal of the nostalgic Pokemon since it appears Pokemon X and Y will feature alot of throwbacks.

The show itself wasn’t without it’s faults here and there tho. There was one scene in particular where Cubone’s mother was killed by a Team Rocket Grunt using an electric baton… I understand baton’s hurt (especially metal police ones) so I left it at that, but the fact that it was electric versus a GROUND type? It irked me alittle but Grunts aren’t supposed to be too bright I suppose. Overall in terms of the rare goofs, we should probably just be thankful Red didn’t have to travel to any alternate dimensions to get certain dimensionally exclusive Pokemon. I was disappointed in Red reaching Giovanni yet not knowing much about battle matchups and ending up getting his butt whopped. I figured he would have known atleast that much by then but again they were sticking to him being in the mindset of a 10 year old – as most children that age it’s rarely about strategy and usually about coolness and power – so it worked out. He seems to learn it along the way to the Elite 4 atleast (tho they skimmed that part – of course).

Red surprisedI must say the tie in into the Pokemon XY they used was pretty clever and got me excited even more for certain features the new game is going to feature (Especially since this new mechanic is allowing older Pokemon to be more viable in the current metagame). With the new game being released in four more days, the hype is only growing and the series’s length should allow fans everywhere to be able to watch it quickly before it comes out. The special holds alot of potential and with some hardcore praying to Arceus maybe Gamefreak will be able to go more indepth and fill in the gaps between the episodes.

To conclude, if you haven’t seen it yet – Get it, watch it, and thank me later. It was DEFINITELY worth the time trying to find it. Sit around with your Pokemon loving friends and invite the young ones in your home to join. Pokemon has always had the power to bring people closer together. You might be surprised as to how this little series can bridge the gaps between fans everywhere regardless of the age barriers… enjoy!


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