Quick Pokemon Training in XY

Personally I’ve noticed you could probably stick to the level one trainings to get through it alot faster. The 2nd tier for speed for example becomes abit harder to hit (unless your just THAT good). The first tier grants 4 EVs for whichever stat you picked however your attacks WILL get stronger as you progress to the point where you can OHKO most of these balloons and in doing so, you are granted the Large Training Bags which grant 12 EVs. After maxing out an offensive stat then you can start the other levels without too much trouble. For me personally this seems like a much easier and much faster way of maxing out your stats.

Confused about EVs? Click here for an Explanation!

Mawile – Beauty That Bites

Beauty That Bites: A good Physical Sweeper is hard to find however with Generation 6 alot of Pokemon had the spotlight shone upon them once more! Despite having it’s head and hair confused for nearly every game, Mawile has always been a very pretty Pokemon to look at. Considering it’s new megaform in Pokemon XY, this seems like the perfect new addition to almost any team!MawileLink: http://www.hohoushome.com/build.php?v=508

Basic Build: Mawile is a amazing Physical Sweeper. The equipped Life Orb should help Mawile to do 30% more damage but it will take 10% of it’s max HP as damage each time it attacks (which for Mawile should be about 21-24 damage at level 100 in this build). Mawile’s Sheer Force trait factors in quite nicely. Althought the Megastone will be an even greater item in my opinion – otherwise this build is perfect for previous generations.

Mawile (F) @ Life Orb
Trait: Sheer Force
EVs: 28 HP / 252 Atk / 228 Spd /
Jolly Nature (+Spd , -SAtk)
– Swords Dance
– Iron Head
– Sucker Punch
– Ice Punch

Breeding Instructions: http://www.hohoushome.com/breed.php?v=508
Basic Pokemon breeder knowledge should be enough to make this Mawile. Mawile belongs in the Field and Fairy egg groups. Check the link for full instructions.

Summary: This build was designed quite nicely. Thanks Triforce for submitting this great build.

Pokemon X & Y Save Patch Available

So I guess the rumors really were true! I haven’t saved in that town mainly because of the rumor but we figured it was just the guy in the video turning off his power too soon or something. Anyways there’s apparently a pokepatch for so I suggest you all get it immediately!

Nintendo Daily Blog


Nintendo has announced that a save patch for Pokemon X and Y is now available via the 3DS eShop. The patch corrects the game breaking bug which would occur when players tried to save the game in certain parts of Lumiose City. If you have the game, you can download the patch from the eShop now.

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Breeding Strong XY Pokemon


Want to breed the STRONGEST Pokemon for Generation 6? Here’s everything you’ll need to know!

With Pokemon XY alot of new changes came into play, but for many of us Pokemon Breeders there’s a couple of awesome things that happened that not everyone is mentioning. Here’s the recap!

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Greninja Moveset Analysis for Protean


So reviewing it’s movepool for best use of Greninja’s Hidden Ability Protean which changes Greninja’s typing based on the moves it uses (for a constant same type attack bonus – S.T.A.B) we’ve been trying to figure out which moves would provide the best coverage in competitive Pokemon battling.

It’s primary threats (which most people would try on it when it first pops up will probably be Grass, Electric, and Fighting. It’s also weak to Bug and Fairy so keep those in mind. Ghost will help with alot of physical moves (but both it’s ghost moves are physical so keep that in mind when figuring out what kind of sweeper you want. Ground moves should help against Electrics but the only Ground moves it knows is Spikes so thats probably not the best idea unless you wanna set it up as they come at you with a flying type.

First thing you’ve gotta do is decide whether you want a Physical Sweeper, a Special Sweeper, or a Mixed Sweeper. Greninja’s best offensive stat is Sp.Atk (at 103) but it’s normal Atk isnt too far behind (at 95). So the list so far of it’s best physical and special moves and what typing it will change to:

Best Physical Moves

  • Aerial Ace / Acrobatics (Flying)
  • Smackdown (Rock)
  • Waterfall / Water Shuriken? (Water)
  • Night Slash (Dark)
  • Shadow Sneak (Ghost)
  • Facade / Giga Impact / Return (Normal)
  • Rock Tomb (Rock)
  • Dig (Ground)

Best Special Moves

  • Grass Knot (Grass)
  • Hidden Power (typing of your choice)
  • Hydrocannon / Hydro pump / Water Pledge (Water)
  • Extrasensory (Psychic)
  • Icebeam / Blizzard (Ice.. duh!)
  • Hyperbeam (Normal)
  • Dark Pulse (Dark)
  • Power-Up Punch (Fighting)

Both Aerial Ace/Acrobatics (Physical Flying) and Extrasensory (Special Psychic) should help with Fighting Types. Smack down (Physical Rock) should help with Pesky Bug types (which for the most part are also Flying). Grass Knot (Special Grass) will change it to a Grass type but Greninja also has access to other sexy moves like Power-up Punch (if you’re going the Physical route. Waterfall for a Physical water set or Hydrocannon / Water Pledge for Special Sweeper water moves.

Which moves do you think will provide the best coverage?