Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC has been released!

The Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC is now released and with it comes a bunch of returning old Pokémon from the previous generations!

List of Returning Old Pokemon in Crown Tundra DLC

Here’s the fully list of returning Pokemon along with the new wild moves that are coming with them!


Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC has been released!

The Isle of Armor DLC is now released and with it comes a bunch of returning old Pokémon from the previous generations!

Here’s the fully list of returning Pokemon along with the new wild moves that are coming with them!


Hohou’s Home v7

So after a rather long hiatus and a complete re-haul of the site… we are reborn once more. Welcome to the latest version of Hohou’s Home! We’ve reworked everything from scratch and added a lot new features. Our strategy-dex has been streamlined and we are constantly adding new builds and tools.

The entire site has been optimized to now be fully mobile and tablet compatible. We are also working on a local create build option similar to Showdown’s Team Builder for users to play with and optimize EVs and movesets directly on the site.

After much consideration, we’ve opted to no longer feature direct build submissions into the site (although we may implement a submission feature in the future). Instead we have opted to use moveset generators and compilers alongside our previous moveset database. The generated Pokemon are by no means random. They have been the product of many calculations incorporating most damaging moves, Risk vs Reward, STAB, ability bonuses, base stats, typing threats, and potential combos all taken into account. Our previous build database is still being used and will show up only if they are valid for the Pokemon in the chosen generation.

Overall, we hope you all enjoy the new revised site and the many new features to come!


Mischievous Eyes : Meowstic has to be one of my all time favorite of the new annoyers which I’m pretty sure surprised alot of people! While the female’s movepool is catered more to being aggressive and offensive, the male’s movepool is perfectly setup for support and general annoying. 😀 MeowsticLink: http://www.hohoushome.com/build.php?v=662

Basic Build: Meowstic makes a strong Double Wall. Using Leftovers should help Meowstic to recover it’s HP as the battle goes on. Meowstic’s Prankster ability factors in quite nicely giving priority to everything in this moveset. It works on the classic paralyz + confusion strategy. Confusion cuts the opponent’s ability to actually attack by 50% (and inflict damage to itself), while Parlyz factors in an additional 30% for a grand total of 80% chance your opponent wont be able to attack. What about that additional margin of attacking? Aside from it’s max defenses you’ve got a substitute to help control the hits (which with the help of leftovers can be created over and over to last for ages). Not to mention protect which only adds insult to injury as your opponent slowly whittles away at their own health… all I can say is LOL.

Meowstic @ Leftovers
Trait: Prankster
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 SDef /
Bold Nature (+Def , -Atk)
– Thunder Wave
– Substitute
– Protect
– Swagger

Breeding Instructions: http://www.hohoushome.com/breed.php?v=662
To breed this Meowstic in your game is going to take alittle work but luckily all of it’s moves are TMs in Pokemon X and Y. Meowstic belongs to the Field egg group. Check the link for full instructions.

Summary: This build offers a nice change to the standard annoyers you might find nowadays (Klefki being the main new badboy). Thank you Wisdom for submitting this clever and irritating build.

Pokémon Global Link X and Y Beta Competition!

OFFICIAL STORY: Play in the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Beta Competition!

NINTENDO NEWS — Signups have opened for the Pokémon Global Link X and Y Beta Competition!

To play in this official Nintendo competition you first need to acquire an invite – automatic invites are sent to every Pokémon Global Link user who made it into the rankings during last July’s Black and White 2 Global Showdown. If you aren’t able to obtain an invite this way, then you can request an invite by logging onto the main site, register and account and follow the instructions located on this page: http://goo.my/betacomp

You have until the 6th of February at 5pm PST to request an invitation – and notifications of results will be sent out on the 14th of February at 11am PST (you’ll have to check out your PGL account).

The test competition will last for 3 days with players being limited to 20 battles per day (which roll over if you don’t finish all 20). This means up to 60 battles may be played during the competition.

For additional rules and more information read here:http://goo.my/betacomp

For amazing Pokemon Builds and Team Setup guides check us out at Hohou's Home

For amazing Pokemon Builds and Team Setup guides check us out at Hohou’s Home

Idiot Proof Espeon

Idiot: Tho we arn’t too fond of the name, this Espeon build quickly caught our attention. Special Sweepers come and go but Espeon has been stirring things up for a good while in previous generations (especially since the release of it’s Magic-Bounce ability). This build has the potential to really bring it back for the new generation’s meta.EspeonLink: http://www.hohoushome.com/build.php?v=648

Basic Build: Espeon is a strong Special Sweeper. Using Leftovers should help Espeon to recover it’s HP as the battle goes on. Hidden Power Flying will help Espeon deal with bug types that might try something (mainly Scizor, Heracross, and Pinsir are the biggest contestants). Dazzling Gleam is a popular fairy-type move that helps deal with primarily with popular Dark and Dragon -types. Espeon’s Magic-Bounce trait factors in quite nicely to reflect any status attempts used on it. Stored Power is an amazing STAB move (Same type attack bonus) that combos perfectly with Calm Mind to increase the amount of damage it does. Calm Mind increases both it’s Special Attack and Special Defense. After about (20 base x 2 stats x 6 possible increases) Espeon’s Stored Power becomes a whopping base 240 attack… and thats without calculating the STAB boost!

Espeon (F) @ Leftovers
Trait: Magic Bounce
EVs: 16 HP / 252 SAtk / 240 Spd /
Modest Nature (+SAtk , -Atk)
– Calm Mind
– Stored Power
– Dazzling Gleam
– Hidden Power[Flying]

Breeding Instructions: http://www.hohoushome.com/breed.php?v=648
The hardest part about breeding this Pokemon into your game is getting the exact IVs needed for it’s hidden power to be Fighting.Espeon belongs to the Field egg group. Check the link for full instructions.

Summary: This build redefines the word ‘idiot proof’ (which we think would have been a better name). Thank you Bao2933 for submitting this amazing build.

Contrary Malamar Moveset

Topsy-turvy Switcheroo: Physical Sweepers come and go but Malamar is a surprising force to be reckoned with! At first glace it might seem like more of a Special attacker (especially considering how most psychic types usually play), but this is surprisingly one of my new favorites which I recently added to my own XY party.MalamarLink: http://www.hohoushome.com/build.php?v=544

Basic Build: Malamar makes a great Physical Sweeper, especially considering the power of it’s Contrary ability combined with Superpower (which under normal circumstances would hurt sweepers, but with the help of that ability only makes it THAT much more potent. Using Choice Scarf should allow Malamar to attack faster with the selected move, not to meantion Switcheroo to lock your opponent’s in place (if not causing them to switch up giving you time to setup). Also if needed with the help of the scarf and Topsy-Turvy, you can turn potential threats into weakened play-things.

Malamar @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Contrary
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd /
Jolly Nature (+Spd , -SAtk)
– Superpower
– Night Slash
– Switcheroo
– Topsy Turvy

Breeding Instructions: http://www.hohoushome.com/breed.php?v=544
Breeding this Malamar shouldn’t be too bad. Malamar belongs in the Water 1 and Water 2 egg groups. Check the link for full instructions.

Summary: This build offers a nice change to the standard metagame. Personally I think Malamar makes a great lead seeing as how it can be played with so many options. Beware of bug moves tho.. they can be quite painfull. Thanks RedSerperior for submitting this amazing build.